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First Growth Bordeaux Wine Tasting & Dinner

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What Is 'First Growth'?



The First Growth Bordeaux wines are among the world’s most expensive and famous wines. The 1st Growths of Bordeaux are now, more than ever, in a class by themselves.

In unofficial classifications, Lafite Rothschild, Latour, Margaux and Haut Brion were listed as the finest and most costly wines of Bordeaux. They were thought of as First Growth Bordeaux wine, decades before the term became widely used.

Thomas Jefferson during his visit to Bordeaux in 1787 came up with his list of the best wines from the area as well. The list created by Thomas Jefferson also placed the First Growth Bordeaux wine producers at the top of his rankings. 

The Bordeaux Classification system of 1855 places the top châteaux in Bordeaux in a ranking of first through fifth growths. The list of 1855 reflects, by tiers, the price points at which the top wines in Bordeaux were selling back in the 19th century.

To create the list, Emperor Napoleon requested the top Bordeaux negociants of the day to rank the best wines of Bordeaux in five different ranking categories. The ranking categories were called Growths. A wine with the ranking of First Growth was considered the best wine in Bordeaux.

The list earned notoriety as it was incorporated into a display of Bordeaux wines at the Universal Exhibition in Paris in 1855 and has since become the economic lodestone for Bordeaux's global wine sales  separating the "haves" from the "have nots". 


The Event



La Bussola's First Growth Bordeaux Wine Tasting & Dinner is an exclusive dining experience giving our guests the rare opportunity to taste all five of the famed First Growth wines as classified by the 1855 list. The evening will be set, and the restaurant open, for just 8 guests to enjoy a private Bordeaux tasting and dining experience. Included is a guided tasting and fine cuisine to follow. 

This event will be taking place in La Bussola on Monday, August 28th, 2017 from 5pm to 8pm. This memorable evening will be hosted by French Wine Scholar certified Sommelier and Bordeaux Master Level Candidate Stephen Hart. Stephen will guide our guests through tasting each of these celebrated wines in an enriching and educational immersive wine tasting experience  explaining both the history and significance of each vintage. This promises to be a sensational evening!


Price: $1500(+GST) per guest.


The Wines



Few changes have taken place to the now historical ranking. The most important change occurred in 1973 when Mouton Rothschild was elevated from Second Growth to the status of a First Growth. The following are the 5 fabled first growth wines, along with the the vintages we will be pouring during this exciting event!


1998 Château Lafite-Rothschild

1997 Château Latour

1998 Château Margaux

1996 Château Haut-Brion Pessac Leognan

1997 Château Mouton Rothschild

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