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Kelowna Restaurants, Italian Fine Dining. Family run business since 1974.



My parents Lauretta and Francesco Coccaro were both born in the small, peaceful village of Valle dell'Angelo, in the Province of Salerno, Italy. This quaint village is located in the Campagna region of Southern Italy and is nestled among the mountains of the Cilento National Park. 

Growing up my sister Ersilia and I had the privilege of spending many summers in this historic village with our grandparents. It was by doing this we were given the opportunity to understand and experience what it was like for our parents growing up.

Valle dell'Angelo is very much an agricultural area, and artisan products were something that our parents grew up on. Our grandparents would produce their own olive oil, wine, fresh produce and cheeses. In fact my Nonna still to this day makes olive oil, and I remember my Nonno Luigi would cultivate the land in his early nineties. 

It is through this up bringing of fresh produce that my mother learned to cook and farm. Many of the produce we have at La Bussola come directly from my mother’s garden. My parent’s passion for excellence is something that both my sister and I have been fortunate to inherit. 

After completing my degree at the University of Alberta in Romance Languages, I decided to further my education in wine, and in 2010 I completed my Diploma in Wine and Spirits through the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) while at the same time completing my Certified Sommelier through Sommelier Guild of America. My passion for wine can be seen in our restaurant throughout our wine program. 

– Luigi Coccaro



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